Kate Butt

Kate Butt

R.TCM.P, Doula, H.B.A.Sc.

Kate Butt is a graduate of the 5-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, BC. She is currently licensed as a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P) and offers gentle acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, tuina massage, herbal medicine prescriptions, and counsel for diet, lifestyle, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Kate treats all health concerns and holds a special interest in gynecological and obstetric care. She also has years of experience and interest in treating injuries (sports and otherwise) and supporting rehabilitation. Kate has a great interest in participating in community support using acupuncture and has done volunteer acupuncture treatment for addictions for several years at Nelson Mental Health and Addictions Services.

Before attending the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, Kate obtained an Honors Degree in the Health Sciences at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. During the Doctor of TCM diploma program she traveled to China where she undertook internships in three different hospitals. In Beijing, she worked at Fengsheng hospital where her focus was on acupuncture, cupping, orthopedics and orthopedic surgery.

Also in Beijing, she worked at Renmin Hospital (Peking University People’s Hospital) where she focused on herbal prescription, tongue and pulse diagnosis. The bulk of her time in China was spent studying and practicing gynecology and obstetrics at Shaanxi TCM hospital in Shaanxi province where she also worked in cardiology before traveling to Tibet. In Tibet, Kate performed several ‘koras’ (meditative pilgrimages), and studied Tibetan herbal medicine.

Since graduating from the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences Kate has continued her education by attending advanced trainings such as: Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth with Debra Betts, Treating Infertility with Yvonne Farrell & Laura Erlich, Japanese Acupuncture with Brenda Leow, Addictions Acupuncture with Les Montcrief, Treating and diagnosing Trauma in Children with Yair Maimon, Qi Gong for Cancer with Ken Cohen, Somatic Trauma Resolution with Sharon Porter,  Tuina (massage) and Moxibustion for menstrual problems and fertility issues with Sarah Pritchard, Key Concepts in Facilitating Embryo Implantation with Brandon Horn, Wu Wei: A Counter Intuitive Approach to Uterine Receptivity and Treating Infertility with Randine Lewis PhD,  The Remarkable Wen Jing Tang for Treating Infertility with Sharon Weizenbaum, Immunological Infertility: Effectively Treating Complex Cases with Fiona McCullough, ND, The Fertile Angst – 5 Element Treatment Strategies for Calming Fertility Tensions with Jani White, Treating Advanced Maternal Age and Egg Quality with the 8 Extraordinary Vessels with Brandon Horn, Chinese Medicine’s View of Immunological Infertility with Randine Lewis PhD, along with others.

Kate has been practicing privately for over 10 years. She dreams of a future in which the medical system is less fractured but rather more integrative and communicative thus offering the most optimal healthcare support possible to people in need of care. This dream is what prompted her to spearhead the opening of the Heritage Health Centre in which passionate, skilled and complementary healthcare practitioners work to provide the best care possible for their patients together under one roof.

Kate believes that the human body, mind and spirit compose a system with an unbelievable capability to heal and transcend. She is grateful to have the honour of working with you to achieve optimal health and she looks forward to supporting you and your unique self with compassion, respect and attention.



To book an appointment with Kate or make an inquiry please call (250)551-5283 or email truebalance.kate@gmail.com.


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“A few months before the birth of my daughter I met Kate. My pregnancy had gone well so far but I was feeling like I just needed some support for the upcoming birth. Kate was recommended to me and I saw her for acupuncture three times. After being told by my midwife that my baby was breech, Kate did moxibustion (burning Chinese herbs) on a point on my foot and recommended some positional exercises and my baby turned into a good position. I felt very supported in our sessions and the day before my daughter was born I saw her to get the energy flowing to prepare for birth. After this treatment I felt a little different and went to bed that night for a restful sleep. The next morning I awoke to being in labour and 3 hours later my daughter was born without complications at home. I truly believe that Kate helped with this smooth transition for my child to come into the world”.
-Anna, Nelson BC

“How refreshing my acupuncture treatment was with you Kate. You are a true professional, very focused and clearly outstanding at what you do.My treatments with you helped my athletic ailments substantially, and despite being a little skeptical at the outset with respect to what might be achieved, I am now a total convert. Thanks Kate for all your help”.

“I saw Kate for treatment regarding fertility for approximately one year. I originally sought treatment having read that acupuncture was an effective treatment for infertility. However, as I learned more about Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment and treatment I grew to understand that this practice is so much more than acupuncture. Kate’s caring and nurturing presence combined with her knowledge treated my issues as a whole not just a symptom. My husband and my three year journey trying to conceive was stressful and anxiety producing and Kate’s treatment of this (although we weren’t aware we needed it) was exactly what we needed! We now have a beautiful 2 year-old daughter and hold Kate close to our hearts”.
-Vanessa Dowell, Calgary AB

“When I met Kate, I was just in the beginning process of healing, what was a very devastating sacrum and hip injury. I was in an immense amount of pain daily and could barely walk some days. I had a weekly appt and we began a healing journey for which I will forever be grateful. Her expertise in acupuncture helped me be pain free and regain muscle and nerve strength. My hip and abdomen muscle were fused together with scar tissue, and at one point affected my bladder. I was a mess and acupuncture was my saving grace. Now, I am pain free and a quality of life has returned to me and it all started with one needle and one amazing doc of Chinese medicine…..”

“Kate has been my Chinese Medicine Doctor for years and is the first person I go to see when something is wrong. She has helped me with many different issues from neck pain to peri-menopausal stress and I appreciate so much her combination of professionalism and intimacy. I always feel that she is giving my situation so much thought and she offers wonderful ideas for self care for me to follow up on at home. Her acupuncture is very gentle and this allowed me to overcome my fear of needles. She is a dedicated and authentic person and I recommend her highly.”

“I have seen Kate for a number of my sports related injuries over the years from climbing, skiing and bush work. Her treatments are holistic and bring an awareness of both the mental and physical experiences of the body. She understands the demands of an active lifestyle and draws from her astute experience to treat the mind and body. Above all, I have found her profoundly empathetic; I have always felt she has a genuine motivation to understand my concerns.”
-Silas Patterson, ACMG Ski Guide

“I have received treatment from Kate for several years now, and have found her healing touch and generous spirit to be such a gift. Her skill and intuitive manner helped me recover from a challenging surgery, and I am so very grateful for her presence in my life”.
-Sophia Hurst, Nelson BC

“Kate Butt has been a wonderful support. Her sensitive acupuncture needling, wise counsel and depth of knowledge in Chinese medicine, lifestyle and overall wellness provide me with such well-rounded support for body, mind and heart. She takes your full person into consideration, which is something I greatly appreciate”.
-Miriam Mason Martineau

“Kate paid attention to all of me at once. She listened to my stories, noticed my tongue and dry skin, fortified my weak bits, explained it all as she went along, and made me laugh. She is deeply passionate about her work, and is wise beyond her years.”
-Marty, Nelson BC

“I have consistently found Dr. Kate Butt to be a caring, knowledgeable and insightful practitioner for both adults and children. Her background in both Western and Eastern medicine and her precise and sensitive approach to acupuncture have made her a trusted partner in supporting our family’s health.”
-Sarah, Nelson BC