Miriam Mason Martineau

Miriam Mason Martineau

M.A. Psychology


I am a mother, a counselor, writer, and researcher. I have spent the last 20 years studying and applying Integral theory, educational frameworks, and psycho-spiritual practice.

I hold an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Zurich, with specialization in Youth and Child Psychology, and have been working in private practice as an integral therapeutic counselor since 1995, accompanying especially adults, couples and parents.

I am presently writing a book on Integral Parenting called Raising the Future and am passionately interested in parenting as a spiritual path – both in theory and in practice. What a humbling and delightful adventure it is!

I am vice-president of Next Step Integral, an international organization that brings an integral perspective to ecology, education, parenting and community. With Next Step Integral I have, in particular, been involved in designing and hosting transformative educational events (seminars and conferences, as well as an 8-week online course called Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, www.integralparenting.com).

From 1992-2002 I lived in an integrally-informed intentional community and there honed the skills of group facilitation, conflict resolution and generative dialogue. I have always felt that this decade of community life offered the most effective and experiential practicum for my counseling work.

Prayer and Wish

I live near Nelson, BC, Canada, with my husband, Stephan and our 10-year old daughter, whom we homeschool.

I love to dance, to sing, I adore beauty in all its forms, dark chocolate, hot teas, cozy time curled up with a good book, and most of all: I love this human adventure, in all its messy, crazy, heartening, endearing, tender, courageous versions and varieties. Connecting with others in authentic Presence is one of Life’s greatest gifts.

I look forward to journeying with you, should you feel drawn to “knock” at this door.

My heart is moved at its core by the mystery of what it means to be a human being fully alive on this earth – I stand in awe at the potential, the fragility, vulnerability, strength, and resilience present in the human being.

I care deeply about integration, healing, and development ~ growing up as whole as possible ~ so that more of us is available to live, to love, to give and receive. I think it is never too late to do this.

It is an honor to accompany clients as they make their way through the challenges, the questions and uncertainties that bring them to work with me. I give thanks for the authenticity and vulnerability and courage present in each.

When it comes to children, my deepest hope and ongoing work is that we adults continue to grow up and wake up, so that we can help our children do the same. That we meet ourselves fully, and so, meet our children fully, enabling them to discover and realize their true potential.

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Many parents are awestruck by the responsibility of raising a child. Overwhelmed by vastly different schools of parenting wisdom, and struggling to forge a path that honors themselves and nurtures their children. How can we hold the truths of such varied perspectives to raise our children with the most consciousness, love, and creativity we can muster? How can we raise the bar for ourselves as parents while forgiving our very human limitations? Miriam Mason Martineau has spent 20 years asking such questions: as a researcher, integral practitioner, and mother. And has found that the practice of parenting undergoes a radical shift when placed in a new context: an integral, evolutionary perspective.