Sophie Richard

Sophie Richard

R. Ac, NAET Practitioner, B.Sc.F

When I was 10 years old I began suffering from allergies. Some of these symptoms were undiagnosed but clearly allergy related. When I was in my early 20’s and would have a reaction to something, I would be sick for days and very tired. One day I came across a clinic called “A New Start Allergy Clinic”. That is when I discovered NAET. NAET treatments made my immune system much stronger and I started feeling more energetic, less headaches, I could eat what I wanted and felt overall much happier. That is when I realized I wanted to help others find health.

I had already attended the University of New Brunswick and graduated with honors with a diploma in Forestry and Environmental Management. With this education I constantly found myself working jobs related to medicinal plants. I spent 8 months in Guatemala doing an internship with CIDA, which focused on the development of an educational forest. I worked on projects involving reforestation of native species as well as developing a system for locals to identify plants and their common use in all aspects including medicine. Health was always part of who I was and I always wanted to learn more.

In 2006 I began my journey with school to become a NAET practitioner. I enrolled in the Acupuncture program at the Academy of Classical and Oriental Sciences in Nelson, BC. NAET is based on Chinese Medicine so it was essential for me to complete this program.


I became so inspired with Chinese Medicine and all that it offers. I loved studying women’s health and decided to do my thesis on pre and post natal health as well as the benefits of Chinese Medicine for mother’s during birth. When I graduated I received the Registrar’s Award.


After completing the Acupuncture program, I was qualified to start taking NAET courses in Los Angeles. Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the inventor of NAET, was my teacher and I returned 4 more times to complete more courses. Below are the courses that I have completed thus far:

Courses Completed – Date

    • Basic:  Licensed medical practitioner has learned to evaluate, locate and eliminate food and environmental allergies.  – Dec/2011
    • Advanced I: NAET Basic trained practitioner has learned to eliminate combination treatments, complicated NAET cases, commonly seen emotional blockages, exercise induced allergies, and person to person allergies. – Dec/2011
    • Advanced II A: Autism’ ADD/ADHD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ Fibromyalgia – July/2014
    • Advanced II D: Male & Female Infertility, Female Disorders, Thyroid
    • Imbalances, Melt Your Fat – June/2012
    • Advanced II E: Asthma, Head & Back aches, Ear/Nose/Throat, Treatment Enhancement – June/2012
    • Advanced II P: NAET Immune Modulation Technique – Feb/2013
    • Advanced II Q: NAET Immune System Support – Feb/2013
    • Advanced II V: Alzheimer, Dementia – July/2014

I also offer full spectrum allergy testing (IgE and IgG) thru small blood samples if you are looking for a detailed list of allergens. I am very passionate with what I do and all that NAET and Chinese Medicine have to offer.

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Treating Moluscum Contagiosum with NAET
“Our daughter contracted moluscum contagiosum at 18 months old, we watched as the warts spread from her armpit down her arm and across her chest over the next 5 months. All the doctors said was we had to wait it out and the warts were self limiting. Not willing to ‘wait it out’ any longer as there were around 30 warts at this point and spreading we contacted Sophie. We had worked with Sophie doing NAET in the past with our daughter to eliminate her dairy allergy. Sophie did 2 treatments specifically for moluscum contagiosum in February and by the end of March there were only a couple of small scars where some of the bigger warts had been. Incredible ! I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Sophie for NAET treatments as we have watched first hand the results with our daughter. – Terisa Stanley, Nelson,BC

“NAET has done so many things for our lives, I am not sure where to start. NAET completely ridded my son’s severe cracked and bleeding eczema in 2 sessions. I was able to treat my lifetime long fear of the house burning down in my sleep. My entire family’s digestion has improved remarkably. It ‘cured’ the intense morning sickness I was experiencing with my third child. On and on. Sophie’s approach is so caring, loving, soothing and easy. She is understanding and thorough and gets results.”
Candie, Nelson, BC

“My son, Finnegan, had been plagued with horrible allergies since he was very young. During the 2011-2012 school year he missed over 25 days of school with a constant runny nose, pneumonia for over 3 weeks and colds that wouldn’t get better. In May 2012, a good friend recommended we try out NAET to heal some of Finnegan’s allergies. To say it has been a miracle is an understatement. My son has not had a sick day since we began NAET over 11 months ago and he is doing extremely well in school. His behavior has calmed down considerably and I have had numerous friends comment on how grown up Finnegan is becoming. My husband and I have seen him become more grounded in his body and he has gained the appropriate amount of weight for his size, something he always struggled with before. My husband and I are both so pleased with how wonderful NAET has been for our son, we are both doing it now.”
Eileen Barber, Nelson BC”I’ve had allergies my whole life, which put a damper on my ability to eat certain food, be around certain elements and enjoy life with my furry friends. Since I’ve discovered NAET, I have noticed that my immune system is considerably stronger. I can now eat eggs without any discomfort, enjoy spring and summer without sneezing attacks, snuggle with my horse and feed her hay without having a reaction! Sophie’s treatments with NAET gave me freedom to do what I love and helped my overall health and to me that is priceless!”
A.D., Slocan, BC”I have been familiar with NAET for at least nine years now having had all the basic treatments with another practitioner in another province. For as long as I can remember I have always had pain throughout my body. Almost immediately that pain went away with the NAET treatment. My doctor is currently treating me for a hypothyroid. He prescribed me Synthroid. Although I was taking the medication, things did not feel right. I was often cold and tired. My doctor increased my dosage. That’s when I decided to see Sophie and she told me that my body was reacting negatively to Synthroid. So she gave me a treatment to help eliminate the side effect I was experiencing from the medication. I felt so much better after. It resolved all my issues. Another problem she helped me with was a bout of dizziness that I was experiencing on a daily basis. She muscled tested me and discovered that I was not absorbing my calcium. Again my dizziness went away. I cannot tell you how much I am grateful for her help. She is gentle and a great listener. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”
GMR, Nelson, BC

“For several years I had been experiencing increasing joint pain, stiffness and lack of mobility in both my hands due to arthritis and nodes on my tendons. This was particularly painful in my left wrist and the metacarpal area of my left thumb and index finger. Even simple tasks were often difficult to accomplish, and sometimes the pain would keep me awake at night. I saw Sophie Richard for acupuncture to treat the pain and stiffness of this arthritis, and I was thrilled that after receiving only two treatments, my pain was very nearly gone and my mobility had increased considerably. Even though I was not able to return for treatments for a number of months, the effects of the acupuncture treatments continued to allow me more mobility and freedom from pain for a very long time. My hands are stronger, more flexible and I am now pain free. I will return to Sophie for acupuncture treatment whenever I need pain relief, wherever the pain may be.”
Rowena Chow, Vancouver, BC

“My daughter (11) has had many issues with rashes and her bowels since she was 9 months old. We finally decided to seek help from Sophie when she was getting eczema on her eye lids, covered head to toe in a mysterious rash and suffering from excruciating belly pain on a daily basis. After a week of intense NAET treatments we were able to find the reason behind her issues and she no longer has any eczema, her body rash is completely gone, and her belly pain is gone. She has since started growing like a weed again and is a much happier and healthier child. I believe that if it weren’t for the NAET treatments from Sophie, she would still be a sick little girl.”
Kara-Lee Zeolkowski, Chilliwack, BC

“When I started seeing Sophie for NAET treatments I had chronic pain in my arms and legs, problems with my digestion such as stomach pain and bloating. I also had high blood pressure, mental fogginess and many strong cravings for foods that aggravated my symptoms. Today the pain in my arms and legs is considerably less and I can eat without feeling any discomfort. The bloating and pain has stopped. I can also eat foods that I have been avoiding for years. My blood pressure has also lowered and I am not craving foods like I used to. The emotional treatments have also been extremely beneficial as well. I notice a big difference in my day to day activities after the treatments.”
Rhonda Baines, Nelson, BC